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The standard Bronco fuel pump has a vent port on the top of the diaphragm housing. This port tends to dump gas if the diaphragm goes bad. Guess what, it's pointed right at your exhaust manifold or header! This can cause a fire (take it from me, I know from experience).

This is how I fixed the problem:


Before installing the pump, I glued a dump tube into the opening as the ones used on motorcycle carburetor vents. I used a 3' piece of aquarium air hose and gas rated silicone sealant. Make sure when gluing the tube in only put the glue on the outside of the tube. If you clog the opening in any way, it will stop the diaphragm from breathing and you could end up with gas in the crankcase and a much louder BOOM then you probably want to hear from the old Bronco.


After installing the pump I just attached the bottom portion of the tube to the frame cross member leaving enough slack for engine movement. Make sure not to attach the drain tube to steering or suspension parts this will pull the tube out of the port.



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