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Smittybuilt Bumpers

Wondering where I got that strange front bumper? It is a Smittybuilt front bumper from a late 1980's - early 1990's Isuzu Amigo. The Amigo had a lower profile grill guard and angles back so you have room for the soon to be winch. The Amigo bumper is too narrow to wrap around the Bronco quarter panels. Therefore, they have to be cut-off just before the wrap around bend. Also new mounts have to be fabricated and welded on.


I just happened to have this bumper left over from when I owned an Amigo. I also kept the nerf-bars from the Amigo (Amego narf-bars are smaller and fit closer to the body than Bronco ones). I will be adding info on adapting those to fit soon. I used the Bronco Smittybuilt rear bumper with a Duff hitch receiver. Soon I will be adding instructions on how I adapted the spare tire rack to clear the Smittybuilt with oversized tires.



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