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Unknown Owner

Zack from Colorado Classic Broncos found this Denver Broncos Bronco in Salida, Colorado.  He stopped and took pictures but could not find who the owner was.

Zack writes:

A couple of years ago I was driving north on 85 near Sedalia, CO when I spotted what appeared to be a Stroppe Bronco. I stopped, took a few pictures, took down the number, and heeded my wife's warnings to "get us to Denver". I went back and looked at the truck a few days later. I have attached a couple of photos of the truck, whose VIN I did not find in the registry. I have plenty more pictures, if you want them.

DenverBronc.jpg (651759 bytes) DenverBronc-(46).jpg (147808 bytes) DenverBronc (3).jpg (700007 bytes) DenverBronc-(2).jpg (610109 bytes) 

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