Ryan Schwieterman
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Ryan Schwieterman

My grandfathers bronco that was purchased in 1975 at Del Norte, Colorado. Has original paint and engine with 78,000 original miles.

I am the third owner. My grandpa (passed a few years back) was the second owner. i will tell you the story as he told me, the bronco was produced in late 1974 and a salesman from Del Norte ford dealership bought it. The salesman drove it for roughly 10 months, grandpa being a custom wheat harvester that got rained out in last chance colorado one weekend decided to look for something to do. As they passed the dealership they decided that they wanted to go trail climbing in the mountains at a familiar winter play area at Buna Vista, CO, and that is how his bronco purchase took place.

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It's interesting you mentioned top, I had asked him if it was ever blue, and he said not to his knowledge. The only modification he made was cutting the fenders and custom wheels. The original wheels are in his shed, now my uncles. he said that it did not have hubcaps when he bought it, the wheels however, are painted blue. Looking at the top from what I can tell, it may never have been painted. My uncle, whom was a business partner with grandpa, said that this vehicle was never in an accident and had never seen a paint both during the time grandpa owned it.

A lot of these same questions keep coming up. I would like to see it restored to original shape but it always raises the question what does that look like?


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