Brody Mueller
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Brody Mueller

I picked this Denver up from the original owner where it spent its entire life in Denver/Boulder area. It has nearly every original part from day one along with a few extra add-ons throughout the years (i.e. rust). I've had it for about a year now and have been tied up with school and studying abroad so you can guess how much time and money has gone into since I've purchased the Bronco. As the summer is about to approach, I'd like to get it back in the garage and on the road for next semester. Wish me luck. More to come...

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Well, after much time and money spent on parts and tools while juggling school, work, and family, my Denver finally got a second lease on life! In the past couple years I've pretty much gone through every part of the drivetrain and running gears. Without telling you about every bolt, bushing, and hose replaced, the following has been done:


Full tune-up on rebuilt engine

Entirely new suspension and tires

Professionally rebuilt c4

All new steering components

Rebuilt t-case

All new brake system

All new fuel system front to back

Re-upholstered interior

Front and rear differentials rebuilt

All driveline parts replaced or rebuilt

New exhaust system

Every bearing and seal replaced


The only thing I've yet to focus my attention on is the body. Something about every dent and scratch tells a unique story about it's history. Because of this, I'm torn on replacing panels and spraying it with new paint. It's only original once. Though, I still wouldn't mind getting rid of that ugly rust!

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