Paul Padilla
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Paul Padilla

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*Below is the information from the previouse owner Donny Trimble. Currant info to be updated soon*

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I recently purchased this incredible Denver Bronco's Bronco from a older gentleman who said, the Bronco was purchased in Littleton and it has been in storage for the past 12 -15 years. The Bronco had 28491 miles when I bought it. The old fellow said, that he had diabetes and could not tinker with it and was going to start fooling with tractors. He believed that with the parts being larger on the tractors he could possibly get by.

The Bronco is all original and in mint condition. He gave me the original sticker which shows all options. The one thing that stumps me is the Bandanna on the drivers visor, the wheels and the AC. I was told that this Bronco was for Craig Morton the quarterback for the Denver Bronco's and it is his bandanna which he wore under his helmet. It is sawed on. The wheels are orange with brushed aluminum. I have not seen any like this on any other Bronco. The sticker does not say anything about the AC. It does however, look to be original.

I now have 30,210 miles on the truck. The only thing I did was rebuild the C4 transmission, replace the shocks, and clean out the gas tanks. I had my mechanic go thru the truck, who said, it is stronger than the new 4.6 or 5.0 liters engines. I will post some pictures soon. Waiting on X-mas for the digital camera.

Glad to finally find some history on the Denver Bronco's Bronco. Please email me with any questions you or anyone else may have.


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