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Here is the Denver Bronco we bought down in Las Vegas in April this year... Pictures #1,2 and 5 were taken in Vegas before we bought it...The rest were taken in our yard just after my father brought it home and there are a couple that have a 'Stroppe' front clip bolted on to show the similarities in paint color... Andrew Norton came out last month and checked out our little stash of Stroppe Baja's and he also had to check out this Denver... 

75-denver 1.jpg (51128 bytes) 75-denver 2.jpg (54571 bytes) 75-denver 5.jpg (32931 bytes)

It has a very mild 302 with a four barrel and headers...It runs very strong...It has the auto trans and power steering, limited slips front and rear with 3:50 gears, and the  Blue 'Ranger' package... Overall it's in pretty good condition with rust in the front floor pans and starting in the drivers door post area... Minor rust in the tailgate and inner rear quarter panels...

denver-75-pics-04.jpg (22018 bytes) denver-75-pics-011.jpg (32676 bytes)

We plan on doing a body off restoration in the very near future after I get one of my Stroppe's finished...Check out the bumper sticker on the left side of the rear bumper... It's kind of fitting for these Bronco's.

One thing I found when I stripped out the interior was that whoever owned this thing previously had laid a second layer of original carpeting down instead of taking out the old carpet... It was kind of thick under the seats when I unbolted them!!!

 denver 75 pics 022.jpg (36428 bytes) denver 75 pics 019.jpg (42105 bytes) denver-75-pics-018.jpg (55479 bytes)

here is the Vin# U15GLV88040, DSO is 763000 
the glove box # are 092  U151  B4  G  18J  4600  1975  763000

Mike: here are some pictures of teardown and of rusted areas that will be repaired during restoration...I will keep the pics coming as this project progresses...

bronco-collection-137.jpg (19282 bytes) bronco-collection-138.jpg (31419 bytes) bronco-collection-139.jpg (21391 bytes) bronco-collection-140.jpg (24597 bytes) bronco-collection-141.jpg (29011 bytes) bronco-collection-142.jpg (26678 bytes) bronco-collection-143.jpg (16372 bytes) bronco-collection-144.jpg (27337 bytes) bronco-collection-145.jpg (37633 bytes) bronco-collection-146.jpg (37544 bytes) bronco-collection-147.jpg (26028 bytes) bronco-collection-148.jpg (30117 bytes) bronco-collection-149.jpg (35834 bytes)

Mike: here are some more of the Nevada Denver Resto Bronco... we have hung the doors on the new-used door posts... they fit awesome... we are getting it ready for the interior paint in a couple of weeks... then it will be almost ready for the exterior to be finished probably by the end of the year or first part of January 2005...what a process...

bronco collection 098.jpg (51722 bytes) bronco collection 099.jpg (38336 bytes) bronco collection 101.jpg (49341 bytes) bronco collection 102.jpg (45354 bytes) bronco collection 103.jpg (36394 bytes) bronco collection 105.jpg (48589 bytes) bronco collection 106.jpg (61188 bytes)

Mike: here are some more pics of sheet metal replacement... my Dad is having a blast spending time working on this 'Nevada Denver' project... the deeper he goes the more he wants to replace...I'll keep the pictures coming as time and progress grows shorter...

bronco collection 131.jpg (44709 bytes) bronco collection 134.jpg (47634 bytes) bronco collection 136.jpg (51338 bytes) bronco collection 139.jpg (55005 bytes) bronco collection 145.jpg (42333 bytes)  

Mike: here are the paint prep pictures... all the seams were sandblasted and treated with rust mort...and all the body seams have been filled with Fusion body/seam sealer... from our local body shop Crown Collision... the Bronco even got a new exhaust system and mountain man mufflers...

bronco collection 111.jpg (68668 bytes) bronco collection 112.jpg (72365 bytes) bronco collection 114.jpg (71622 bytes) bronco collection 115.jpg (69696 bytes) bronco collection 116.jpg (64596 bytes) bronco collection 117.jpg (79705 bytes)

Mike: here are some pictures of the interior paint... we are still going to bed-line the entire inside of the Bronco... the exterior paint will be done sometime around Christmas or the first part of 2005... this has definitely been a project... I had our local NAPA store mix the paint code you suggested... it turned out a straight RED... so they mixed up competition Orange and it was a nice match to what my original interior was... so this is what we went with...


Denver 1.jpg (74488 bytes) Denver 2.jpg (51582 bytes) Denver 3.jpg (64803 bytes) Denver 4.jpg (67667 bytes) Denver 5.jpg (68167 bytes)

I have a couple of changes to the Bronco's current website status... it now has the 2 barrel carb/intake and stock exhaust manifolds back on her...I will send the latest pictures sometime over the weekend of the interior...

Mike: here are the latest pictures of the 'Nevada' Denver Bronco Project... the bed liner turned out nice... I can't wait to get the outside finished and start driving her...

Denver 75 pics 001.jpg (61112 bytes) Denver 75 pics 002.jpg (63410 bytes) Denver 75 pics 003.jpg (55001 bytes) Denver 75 pics 004.jpg (51449 bytes) Denver 75 pics 005.jpg (42381 bytes) Denver 75 pics 006.jpg (62808 bytes)

Completed Pictures:

 denver 1.jpg (54101 bytes) denver 3.jpg (67399 bytes) denver 6.jpg (71514 bytes) denver 7.jpg (62714 bytes) denver 2.jpg (61916 bytes) denver 75 pics 008.jpg (66290 bytes) denver 75 pics 013.jpg (43823 bytes) denver 75 pics 014.jpg (72483 bytes)

Glenn's other toy:

denver 75 pics 015.jpg (57843 bytes) denver 75 pics 017.jpg (62494 bytes) bronco collection 110.jpg (69574 bytes)  


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