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My Bronco's Specifications

VIN Code


U-100 Bronco
VIN Code G 302 - 2V (351-W)
VIN Code L Michigan Truck
VIN Code V73363 S/N
Max GVW 4600 Max GVW
WB 192 Wheelbase

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For most viewers the top photo (without flash) is closer to true colors

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Color Codes (not marked on these DSO#763000 Broncos) M1238A, code M or car 9A- White, (1974 and earlier Wimbledon White) Plasti-Kote #1025

M5226A, code 3N or J - '74 Bright Blue or 70-71 Grabber Blue (Caution: these codes may be the same as later model metallic colors like 81-82 Bright Blue Metallic the correct paint is non-metallic) 

Best "Spray can" Touchup Match: Ace Hardware # 1010081 Rust Stopper Enamel "Safety Blue"  

M3560A, code 1 or 3 - Calypso Coral (Also named Coral, Poppy Red, Bright Red and Pinto Red)

Best "Spray can" Touchup Match: Ace Hardware # 1000029 Rust Stopper Enamel "Allis Chalmers Orange" 

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes

Type/GVW U151 Wagon 4500
Body B4 HD Vinyl with Rear Seat
Trans G C-4 Automatic
Axle A3 Ford 9", 2780, 4:11 with Traction-Loc
Axle Q Dana 44, 3000, 4:11 with Traction-Loc
DSO 763000 District "Domestic" Special Order 76=Denver Order # 3000
  Door Plate  
Date 12/74  
Type MPV  

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