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Holley vs. Edelbrock

Views on this page are strictly my opinion.

When I bought the truck it had a 600cfm Holley 4150 Double Pumper on the Edelbrock Performer intake.

I switched to the Edelbrock 1) so I could pass emissions and 2) I had heard good things about the Edelbrock over the Holley as far as stability, flooding, fuel leaks... etc.

Right out of the box the Edelbrock 600cfm #1406 fired up and run fair even though I live at an altitude of 7,500 ft. I jetted the Edelbrock 3 stages lean on the primaries and 2 on the secondaries as well as increasing the metering rod spring 1 stage Hg and changed the metering rods as recommended in the manual that came with the Edelbrock Performer.

Now I am back to a Holley. I just put on one of the new Holley Truck Avenger 670cfm carburetors. Why? Because, I bought my daughter Heather a '76 Bronco Special (She just turned 15) and it was a good enough excuse for me to try one out.

Again right out of the box the Holley started up and performed well although burning rich due to the 7500ft altitude. On the Holley Truck Avenger, I went 4 stages lean on the primaries and 3 on the secondaries. Other than that, I went to the factory supplied lighter vacuum spring (not a good idea if you still have a 302ci engine).


= Pro's

= Con's



No Fuel Starvation (Large Holley Fuel Bowels 4150)


Smooth Acceleration (Vacuum Secondaries)


Great Low-end and Towing Torque (Vacuum Secondaries)


Good Overall Gas Mileage (Vacuum Secondaries)


Spring loaded needle and seat already installed "stock"


Less Touchy Tuning (using Vacuum Gauge, Timing Light, and a Tachometer you basically put the mixture screws, and electric choke at factory settings and leave them)


The #4150 Truck Avenger has the classic front and back bowls so all your intake bolts are accessible


Automatic Transmission Kick-down works just like the stock Holley did


Remanufactured parts (if you want a "new" carburetor buy the Edelbrock)

Cold Starting - Typical Cold-blooded Holley

Less Tune Friendly

Although the Low Idle screw is placed well the High Idle screw placement is very hard to reach to adjust.

Idle Tends to Fluctuate 

The Manual the comes with Holley's Truck Avenger is minuscule but covers the installation and basics well they do have a great free online Manual though


Better Cold Starting and Operation


Faster, Crisp Acceleration (Mechanical Secondaries w/Metering Rods)


Fair Gas Mileage Except when Towing or Racing (Mechanical Secondaries w/Metering Rods)


Spring loaded needle and seat available as an add on


Easily Tunable 


All Adjustment fixtures are easy to reach and adjust on the Edelbrock


Reliable Idle


Great Owner's Manual in the box


Fuel Starvation (Small Fuel Bowels)

Hot Fuel and Boiling Fuel (Small Fuel Bowels)

Bad flat spot off idle (I tried every thing from choke adjustment, idle adjustment, accelerator pump adjustment timing and even custom distributor vacuum advances and delay switching. Although the vacuum delay worked fair, there must be a way to eliminate it but it is beyond me)

The Edelbrock carburetor is short and wide having it fuel bowls on either side of the venturies (this setup makes it very hard to get to intake bolts for periodic re-torque the intake)

Touchy Tuning (best to do small adjustments - Drive a few days then make more small adjustments)

Automatic Kick-down Shift Points are Incorrect - (after installation on a 302 and a 351W both of the C4 Automatic kick-down linkage did not work properly. The 1st to 2nd shift seems to be early and they both held 2nd way to long causing over-rev conditions.)

holley-2.jpg (60510 bytes) edelbrock.jpg (41686 bytes)
holley-4.jpg (64431 bytes) edelbrock1.jpg (49891 bytes)


I'll keep the Holley. The superior low end and better fuel handling is worth the cold weather throttle pumping


It is a little big for the 302 but because my daughter doesn't know how to adjust chokes and keep from flooding the engine in cold weather, the Edelbrock stays with her

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